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For the first time ever, 13 clinically researched "super nutrients", with 5 patents... are contained in an "all-in-one" proven formula. A small, convenient pill you take daily, helps you easily & naturally achieve total blood pressure health.

NO harmful medications!
NO diet changes!
NO side-effects!

HOW Does Blood Pressure Optimizer™ Work?

Healty Blood Pressure Happy Female

When I first formulated Blood Pressure Optimizer™, my goal was NOT just to "lower blood pressure". I wanted more!...

Even though that's what most products do (especially prescription drugs), YOUR goal should be to have optimal levels for both systolic (top) and diastolic (bottom) numbers.

However, that's just the beginning. Your ultimate goal is to have:

  • Proper relaxation and dilation of the vascular and arterial walls.*
  • Better blood vessel strength and elasticity.*
  • Healthy circulation and blood flow.*
  • Normal sodium excretion and proper water balance.*
  • Antioxidant protection against free-radical damage to blood vessels.*
  • Healthy stress response with reduced cortisol levels.*

Now you have TOTAL blood pressure and arterial health and this is exactly what Blood Pressure Optimizer™ is designed to do for you. By addressing BOTH the physical and emotional causes of hypertension!

Clinical Testing For Proof

18 Month Improvement In Systolic/Diastolic Levels

Real Results - Reviews & Feedback

144 Customer Reviews - Submit Reviews
"It's hard to imagine, but close to 35% of adults have hypertension. And the older you become, the higher the risk. That's why an all-in-one formula like Blood Pressure Optimizer™ is so valuable. I think it's more important than a multi-vitamin!" – Dr. David Goldstein
HFL does not imply any medical claims for customer reviews. Individual results will vary. **
HFL does not imply any medical claims for customer reviews. Individual results will vary. **
Blood Pressure Optimizer Reviews - All

Doctor Reviews

  • a winning formula for my patients

    I have been utilizing Blood Pressure Optimizer in my practice for over 2 years. It was originally in 2 bottles and now I'm happy to say the formula is in one bottle. I had been getting very positive results with a couple of Dr. Robbins' previous products and was excited to see how Blood Pressure Optimizer would work.

    First, I don't always recommend Blood Pressure Optimizer because the cause and solution of the patient's hypertension doesn't always work with BPO. However, about 80% of the time Blood Pressure Optimizer is the correct solution for hypertension with the majority of my patient and the good news is that it really does work. What I like most are the additional arterial health benefits that you simply will never get from prescription hypertension medications.

    Another way I utilize BPO is in conjunction with LOW DOSE prescription medications, maybe with an ACE inhibitor or Calcium Channel Blocker. These are done in extreme cases when BPO alone will not be sufficient. The combination of low-dose medication + BPO results in a more predictable blood pressure reading throughout the day, with very little or no negative side-effects.

    I highly recommend Blood Pressure Optimizer. Combine it with a healthy diet, exercise program and stress management system and you've got a winning formula.
    Dr. Spring Chen, MD - Cardiologist

  • you can't go wrong with BPO

    Blood pressure readings are never constant and fluctuate during the day based on hormones, stress levels, diet, sleep patterns and other variables. If you have a family history of hypertension, heart disease, stroke or heart attacks, you MUST pay attention to this "silent killer", which I believe to be even more important than cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, most people don't know that they have hypertension and this is the major problem. This is why you must take action and make improvements in your life-style.

    I have utilized Blood Pressure Optimizer in my practice with wonderful results and happy to report, no negative side-effects. The most impressive part about Blood Pressure Optimizer is the formula and the ingredients. The clinical studies and scientific research are solid. The combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals are all essential to help support healthy blood pressure.

    Ideally you should improve your diet by eating more natural foods and less processed ones, less grains, sugars and trans fats. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. Make sure you get enough rest and practice meditation.

    Finally, supplement your diet with Blood Pressure Optimizer, which conveniently contains all the key ingredients which help promote arterial and blood pressure health. Most of us (if not all) are not eating perfectly and thus, we're deficient in many nutrients. For blood pressure health, I fully endorse Dr. Sam Robbins' Blood Pressure Optimizer as part of a total life-style enhancement.
    Dr. Christi Baker, MD

  • DASH + BPO

    For the majority of people, I prescribe them a modified DASH diet, plus Blood Pressure Optimizer. The modified DASH diet contains no animal flesh and thus, almost a vegetarian diet. No sugar or fructose. Carbohydrates are primarily from vegetables, white rice, sweet potatoes/yams and legumes. Plus healthy, raw/uncooked fats.

    Even with such a strict/restrictive diet, some patient's hypertension is never fully rectified. Genetics and other personality "types" tend to manifest in higher blood pressure levels.

    When adding Dr. Robbins' Blood Pressure Optimizer formula to the modified DASH diet, almost all users secure healthier systolic & diastolic blood pressure readings. The answer is never in a single solution, but a combination of multiple life-style improvements and utilizing Blood Pressure Optimizer is one of the key supplemental elements.
    Dr. Leonard Banfield, MD

  • Text Reviews

    I feel better and younger than in years

    Dr Sam - thank you for all that you do. I had been reading your articles, seeing your videos and all of your information was easy to understand and it always made sense. I started takeing your BLOOD PRESSURE OPTIMIZER and also added in extra Vitamin C and E. Its been now 7 weeks and I went from feeling bad, no energy to feeling great and young. My blood pressure is in control now and I feel better now at 58 than I have in over 10 years. I had no idea my hypertension was aging me so much. God bless you.

  • better BP and more hair too =))))

    I just love your BPO! I previously was on a bp med that made my hair thin and I felt sick. My doctor changed to another drug, that was even worse. I saw Dr Robbins on a TV interview i think and then I ordered Blood pressure optimizer. I was happy to find out that not only did it keep my bp in control but, my hair greatly improved. It's becoming denser again. my confidence is coming back. =)

  • the best on the market

    I've done my research and BPO is the best on the market. I contains the top 6 ingredients specific for blood pressure and arterial health.

    Magnesium Blend = 250 mgs
    English Hawthorne Berry Extracts = 900 mgs
    MegaNatural Grape Seed Extract = 300 mgs
    Celery Seed Extract = 300 mgs
    Pomegranate Extract = 200 mgs
    L-Arginine = 300 mgs

    I spent many weeks researching and comparing. I went to so many message boards. Over and over again Dr. Sam's name came up and Blood Pressure Optimizer was the clear winner. I've struggled with hypertension for many years. I don't smoke, my diet is pretty good and still, ONLY BPO has worked this well.

    The only negative is that I wish it was at a lower price. I'm not rich so this can get expensive. However, i've reduced my other supplements so i can afford this and i think in the long run i'm saving money now - lol.

    We appreciate the detailed overview and yes, Dr. Sam put in a lot of time, effort and money constructing the BEST "all-in-one" solution. Thank you for your loyalty.
  • really, really good results so far - totally shocked

    My blood pressure readings have typically fluctated between 150/100 to as high as 170/120. I do eat well and have lost some weight, which has helped. But I REFUSE to take the medications because of the problems they caused my sister. I have now been taking Dr. Sams blood pressure optimizer for almost 4 months and today I had a physical and can you believe it, my BP reading was 115/70!!! I was so surprised and so was the doctor. I mean, WOW. This really works. I'm now even more motivated to improve my diet and really stay on top of everything. Tahnks Doc.

  • nothing yet

    I received an email asking to review this product. It's been on it for about 4-5 weeks I think. Honestly, I don't feel anything yet. Am I supposed to? I can't take my blood pressure at home. I don't have a machinge. I guess I need to wait till I go to my doctors again. Sorry. I have nothing to report.

  • easier to exercise

    My doctor said i have hypertension, but I didn't awnt to take any medications. My brother used one and he was not happy. I've been now using Blood pressure optimizer and I don't have any readings yet, since I need to go to my doctor. But FOR SURE i have more energy and can exercise harder and longer. So, I think it must be working.

  • good for health

    I am happy that I'm doing something good for my health. The ingredients are really good and I'm happy so far.

  • felt better than other BP supplements

    I've tried a couple other similar products, also formulate by doctors. But for whatever reason, Blood Pressure optimizer just works better and more importantly i feel better. Since then Ive tried other products by Dr. Sammy and have also gotten good results, so i'm sticking with HFL products from now on.

  • i have peace of mind

    I have lowered my blood pressure already within 3 weeks, so I'm happy about that. I need to improve it more. I'm very satisfied so far and i'm happy also because I have peace of mind that Blood pressure Optimizer is all natural and that I'm not putting chemicals or drugs in my body. If we want to be healthier, then why do we use medications?>? It makes no sense. I'm hopeful that the positive results witll continue. <3

  • less medication is needed

    I've cut my medication in half since taking Blood pressure optimizer, but I haven't stopped it completely yet. I hope by next month or two. Then I hope BPO can do it all because I do NOT want to take the medication any more.

    Please always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your medications.
  • it works

    BPO absolutely works. I literally feel less pressure, especially in my head and neck. I can't wait to see my doctor to see the improvements. Thank you.

  • okay so far

    so far so good. I'm not having any negative effects and I feel a little more energy. Better than other natural supplements ive tried so far.

  • shipping =(

    Blood Pressure Op works well and I agree with other users. However, I live in Australia and it takes 2 weeks to get it delivered here plus postage. I would be great if you had a local distributor here. It would save on time and shipping costs, don't you think so?

    You're correct, having an international distributor would be ideal and we are looking into it. This is probably why we are one of the few companies that actually ships internationally. Thank you for your honest feedback.
  • easy

    Dr Sam's products and BPO makes it easy to keep BP in a healthy zone and my heart working optimially. It and his other products really work.

  • blood pressure optimizer

    I've been using this for about a month and to my surprise, I already see it working. I FEEL it. I'm order 3 more bottles today. Such a better choice than prescription meds. Thank goodness for it.

  • brought it down

    yes, it has brought my BP down so far. Thank you

  • BPO makes me feel good

    Hi I am really very happy with the way I feel taking this product, Dr. Robbins has created some wonderful products for our health. I'm currently taking Blood Pressure Optimizer, Choleslo and Blood FLOW Optimizer. This is the healthiest my heart has been in over a decade.

  • easy and it works

    This is a great product for blood pressure control. Easy to take capsules also.

  • good overall

    good formula, makes me feel better and I have more energy. Now I need to go to the doctor and get everything tested to know exactly how much Blood Pressure optimizer has helped.

  • nothing

    it's been a week and I feel and see nothing.

    A week is very little time. Unless you take your blood pressure, there is nothing to "SEE" as far as benefits. Most people do feel better, but even that takes time and it's gradual. We suggest you try it for a solid month and preferably 90 days. If you're still not happy, we will gladly refund you the entire payment. We want you to get results and we're very confident with the Blood Pressure Optimizer and the benefits it can provide.
  • good so far

    I've tried Dr. Sam's other products and have always gotten good results, so I am cautiously optimistic that this product will also work as advertised, which is helping maintain a more healthy bp level blood pressure. I have only been using it for a short time, and started out with only one pill dayly to start, since I am a lite eater. So far, so good!

  • yes on blood pressure optimizer

    I wish I had a machine to test my blood pressure daily, I don't, but I feel less stressed, I feel better pressure since I can go to the gym and get a better workout, sleep better, urinate better and even perform better in the bedroom. BUT, I don't know the specifics for my blood pressure and thus, 4 stars and not 5, yet.=)

  • good after 2 weeks

    I have only been taking this supplement for about two weeks. My BP have decreased significantly. Given enough time I'm sure I will also be referring other people to use blood pressure optimizer. But I first want to make sure. I have 2 more months supply and I expect by that time my BP should be even lower. So check back at a later date for an update. So far so good.

  • higher BP

    I was at the doctor today and my blood pressure was still very high. I was 180/77 last time and this time I was 165/65. I will ask for a refund.

    dear client - you have gotten an improvement in both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure reading, so that is a positive. Yes, it should be lower and we think in time it will be. How long have you used Blood Pressure Optimizer and how many pills daily? Of course you may have a refund if you'd like. However, our goal is for you to have improved health, so please contact our support staff and allow us to help you achieve your health goals -- regardless of whether you use our product or not. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.
  • great!

    This supplement has help keep my blood pressure under control so I do not have to be on bp mediciation.

  • no differnce

    I check my BP at home and after 2 weeks, there really isn't much of an improvement. However, what's intersesting is that i FEEL much better. Its odd. I have more energy and I feel lighter. I have more mental clarity. So, I will wait and give an update on this product in 2-3 more weeks. Hopefully by bp will improve.

  • 9 months and still going strong

    I've been meaning to give feedback on blood pressure optimizer for a few months, but i never got around to it. I just want to say that my numbers have been great ever since I starting taking BPO by Dr. Sam Robbins. The improvement was gradual and now its been stable for 9 solid months. Time to put in another order =)

  • my mom and i love it

    my mom didn't do well with the BP medications and I certainly didn't want to start on them. She responded so well to Blood Pressure Optimizer that I am now also taking it. Good stuff. <3

  • excellent

    my levels were only slightly elevated. With blood pressure optimizer, my levels are not optimized!

  • 6 months and still working

    I didn't notice anything the first few weeks, but over the next 2 months (i bought 3 bottles) I did start feeling better. I went for a check up yesterday and my BP was 124/70, so now I know for sure blood pressure optimizer works.

  • works for parents too

    Blood PRESSURE Optimizer sure works for me. I've been using it for quite a while now and my blood pressure is healthy. I've even switched my Mom and Dad and it's showing great promise. Just need to make sure they take it regularly.

  • passed my physical

    I needed to pass my physical for work (I'm a bus driver). My BP was too high. I didn't want to get fired. I did a search on gooogle, read some articles and some how i ran into dr. Sams Blood Pressure Optimizer. I immediately ordered it, used the product (I doubled the dosage) and thanks GOD I my passed my physical the next month after only 22 days of using this product.

    My BP was in a good range and the doctor was satisfied. I kept my job all because of this amazing product. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    This is very good news and we're glad to hear you are still employeed. But please do not exceed the recommended dosage when you FIRST start a new product, certainly not doubling the dosage. You never know how your body reacts. But it looks like you had no problems, which is good. =)
  • seems to be working

    I'm feeling better. My headaches are gone. My eyesight is better too. I'm doing my 3rd reorder.

  • 88 year old mom loves it

    My 88 year old Mom uses this product religiously every day and it works great on her very sensitive stomach and she gets excellent results. We are very grateful.

  • tri-factor

    I take all 3 of Dr. Sam's heart products ---- CholesLo for lowering my cholesterol. Blood FLOW Optimizer for improving blood flow and circulation and Blood PRESSURE Optimizer for my blood pressure. The end result is I am healthier now than I have been in over a decade. Dr. Sam's products and information has changed my life because it's made getting healthier SIMPLE. I'm no longer confused. I make the easy changes, I get results and I look and feel better. Case closed! - James.

  • I don't think this works

    I've been taking your product for 3 weeks now. My blood pressure is lower, but I've also been under less stress and sleeping more. So maybe it's not these pills.

  • better kidney

    I didn't know high blood pressure affect the kidneys so much. You Blood pressure optimizzer has improved my blood pressure but more importantly, my doctor said my kidney function has improved a lot and that's a really nice bonus. Thank you.

  • email review + no BP reading yet + other good benefits

    I received an email asking me to review BLOOD PRESSURE OPTIMIZER. I purchased it 6 weeks ago, but only started taking it about 3 weeks ago. I was on vacation and then traveling for work. I just kept forgetting to take the pills.

    well, the truth is that I haven't gone to my doctor to do a proper test and those machines at the pharmacy don't seem reliable. However, I do feel more energy, sleeping better, my thoughts are clearer and my pee is also clearer =) I guess these are all positive benefits. I will come back to do a full rate when I see my doctor next.

  • better and cheaper

    Dr. Sam's Blood pressure optimizer is a great value. I think people don't realize that I used to buy some of these ingredients separately and it was 3 different products and I still didn't get the same dosages. So its a good deal and really easy and convenient since its in one capsule. HOWEVER, I don't take them throughout the day. I take all 3 pills in the morning. Otherwise I know myself, I'll forget to take it later in the day. Either way, it still works and my blood pressure readings have been good the last 2 doctor visits. =)

  • I'm off 2 drugs, 1 more to go

    Ihave had high blood pressure for many years. I do need to lose weight, but when Dr. SAM stated in his videos and articles that genetics was a factor, i had an instant connection because it is in my family for sure.

    I've been on 3 separate hypertension drugs for 4 years. WIth the help of Dr. Robbins and Blood Pressure Optimizer and 2 other products he suggested, I'm now OFF 2 of the drugs and I'm taking only half the dose on the 3rd hypertension drug.

    what a gift this has been. I'm saving money, I feel so much better. I perform better too in the bedroom and my wife and I are doing much better. Thank you dr. Sam. GOD bless you.

  • I think it's working

    it's only been 3 weeks, but I feel better and I know I'm doing something positive for my health. I haven't tested myh blood pressure readings (I don't have a machine at home), but I feel better. I feel lighter or faster. It's weird to explain. My workouts are also better. More energy.

  • my family takes it

    Both my brother, mom and myself take blood pressure optimizer. It really works. I take a higher dosage than my brother and mom, but at least I don't have to take drugs. YOu can't go wrong with a product that works for 3 people and you have proof of it. Nice going doc!!!!

  • watch out

    start at a lower dosage. I took 3 daily as recommneded and it really lowered my blood pressure too much. I felt dizzy. Start low for the first week or two. Don't take chances.

    Actually, the label says to start at a lower dosage the first week. Something you should do with any new product you take. Thank you for reminding others of it.
  • growing head hair =)) <3

    I just love your blood PRESSURE OPTIMIZER. I previously was on a BP hypertension meds that made my hair thin. When I ordered your BPO, I was happy to find out that not only did it keep my bp in control but, my hair greatly improved. It stopped shedding and it's getting thicker after 3 months. LOVE IT!

  • feel better now than in years

    I heard you in an interview Dr. Sam. Maybe a podcast? I don't remember. Tim Ferris? I then started taking your Blood Pressure Optimizer along with a few your Blood Flow Optimizer. I went from feeling bad, no energy to working out and feeling great. My blood pressure is in control now and I feel better now at 51 than I have in years. Thank you for all you do!

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Blood Pressure Optimizer - "Vitamin For Your Heart"
Made in USA Gluten free Vegetarian Non GMO Additive and filler free

Discover The Scientifically Proven Formula

Your goal is to utilize natural herbs and vitamins, to help improve your health. That's why it's so important to know exactly WHAT is in the supplements you take, HOW and WHY it may work for you. Below you may view the specific ingredients in Blood Pressure Optimizer™, how they're scientifically researched to work and the simple usage instructions.

Scientific Research & Clinical Studies

Helping Insure Purity, Effectiveness & Safety For YOU

Blood Pressure Optimizer™ has a proven track record because the formula utilizes scientifically researched ingredients, supported by clinical data.*‡ Every ingredient comes with a Certificate of Analysis and is manufactured in the US, under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & NSF (third-party certification) regulations.

WHY Is Blood Pressure Optimizer™ Better?

Blood Pressure Optimizer™ is the FIRST and ONLY formula that has ALL the following benefits for you:

  • Clinically researched & scientifically proven.
  • Contains patented formulary compounds.
  • Doctor formulated & medically endorsed.
  • Manufactured in USA, in a FDA approved, registered facility.
  • Utilizes organic, earth-grown, USP verified ingredients.
  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian & NON-GMO

I have a family history of heart attacks and strokes, so I formulated Blood Pressure Optimizer™ for myself, my dad and family. Because of this, I made sure I had the most-effective ingredients that were proven safe, at the very best value!

Compare & Save
More Effect + Better Value

Blood Pressure Optimizer
MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed Extract 300 mgs 150 mgs 150 mgs 150 mgs 150 mgs
Hawthorne Berry Extracts 900 mgs 600 mgs     150 mgs
Celery3nB™ Celery Seed Extract 300 mgs     250 mgs  
Pomegranate 5:1 Extract 200 mgs        
L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate 300 mgs        
Lycopene 5% Extract 37 mgs        
Vitamin B6          
Vitamin C          
Vitamin D3          

"What If It Doesn't Work For me?...
What's Your Guarantee?

Of course there's no "magic bullet" that'll work for everyone, every time and permanently fix any health problem, this includes high blood pressure. And I'm sure you know this already.

Because I wanted to formulate the most powerful and safest solution for myself and family, I've utilized ingredients that work in real clinical studies on humansnot lab rats!

Blood Pressure Optimizer™

Free + $100.00 Guarantee

If Blood Pressure Optimizer™ doesn't help improve your blood pressure in only 30 days, you'll get a full refund + $100.00 cash back!

"Sounds Too Good To Be True"

Now, if this is the first time you've heard about me, my company or this solution, you might be doubtful and think “yeah, sure…”

But, I can give such a powerful guarantee because before Blood Pressure Optimizer™ was released to the public, it was used exclusively in medical clinics and holistic health centers for 18 months!

This was done to make sure the formula delivered as promised because we spent over a year doing our own internal, clinical testing. That's why I'm so confident about this product and can make such a powerful guarantee.

What Do You Want?...

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